Three Pack

The three pack comes with three square wraps; 1 small 16 cm, 1 medium 24 cm, and 1 large 32 cm wrap



Our three pack comes with 3 square wraps; 1 small 16 cm, 1 medium 24 cm and 1 large 32 cm wrap.

Use the small wrap to cover the cut end of a sweet potato, half a lemon or zucchini, or wrap the open end of your cheese to keep it fresher for longer.
The medium size is a great all-rounder and handy for covering bowls, or to wrap a salad roll, small sandwich, half an avo, a bunch of radishes, or cut cabbage.
Wrap the large wrap around a bigger salad bowls and dishes, or wrap around loaf of bread (keeps banana and date loaf lovely and fresh); cauliflower, butternut and sandwiches.

Wraps are made with 100% organic cotton, Australian organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and natural resin. The ingredients used contain anti fungal, anti bacterial properties, so your food lasts longer when wrapped in a beeswax food wrap.

To care for your wraps, simply rinse off in cold water, or wipe down with a damp cloth.  From time to time a mild detergent could be used with cold water.  Then simply, dry and store flat, or rolled up in a kitchen drawer.

Not suitable for use with raw meat and fish, and avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat (microwave, dishwasher, hot ovens etc).

As with any handmade product, sizes may vary slightly from those stated. They come folded and labelled, and include care and use instruction card.

The pack featured in the product image is a graphic representation of the actual product.  Packs are made to order in the prints represented in the image.

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