What goes into our wraps?​

Our wraps are handmade in Melbourne using organic cotton fabric, which has been infused in our special blend of Australian beeswax, natural tree resin and Jojoba oil.

Uses for beeswax wraps

There are so many uses for beeswax food wraps.  Not only do they reduce the need for single use plastic film, but your food lasts longer when stored in a beeswax wrap.  Use them to wrap the cut end of fruit and veggies.  Cover bowls dishes left overs.  Wrap the cut end of your block of cheese to keep it fresher for longer, or wrap a cut avo to stop it going brown.  The uses are endless…

Our range!

See for yourself why beeswax wraps are so amazing! Either purchase from our range of packs, or have a go making your own with our fabulous DIY kits.

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